Types of Preschool Teaching Techniques

Types of Preschool Teaching Techniques

a teacher talking to a preschoolIf you imagined that teaching preschool is easy, imagine yourself having to guide young children, wildly out of their typical environment and instructing them on life skills.

Now imagine that these kids are different and not entirely in control of their persons making them prone to throw tantrums or just pee on themselves. That is what being a preschool teacher involves.

However, instructing preschool children in Salt Lake City is not only difficult; it is art at its best. It is an opportunity to be part of the formative years of a child’s life and to impart knowledge and skills that will last the little human for a lifetime.

As such, it relies on different methods to get the child to understand what you are teaching. Here are three conventional methods used.

Playway method

The underlying principle of this teaching method is that a child who is active is a learning child. As such, the teacher will include activities such as virtual games, role plays and singing to teach the children. Ideally, this method of teaching brings knowledge to the child in a relaxed environment and zooms in on the child’s needs. Kids only do activities they can perform.

Reggio Emilia technique

Started in Italy, this approach also teaches through activities. However, in this case, the activities are designed to teach the child to be an active community member. They can communicate and form relationships after successfully going through this method of teaching.

Waldorf method

This teaching method focuses on growing the child’s imagination. The idea is to help the child develop their creativity enough to be able to use it to create. As such, the children are taught through stories, they play games and go for walks; anything that helps to grow their wonderment.

Different teachers will adopt different teaching methods based on the institution they are at. However, it is not always that the methods are compartmentalized. Some institutions combine techniques to help bring up all rounded children.

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