Vacation Preps for Parents: The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Your Kids

Vacation Preps for Parents: The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Your Kids

a family on vacation tripAre you are going on a holiday with your kids? Any parent will tell you that the possible hassles you may experience are endless. To make things worse, you can’t control everything that happens. However, at least you can prepare yourself. We know you look forward to enjoying your Sentosa fun pass promotion in Singapore, but face it: vacationing with your kids can be stressful. As a guide, here are packing tricks that go a long way.

Food Fixes Everything (Well, Almost)

When it comes to packing, the formula is to pack more snacks and fewer toys. Children are crankier when they do not have familiar snacks with them, and it might be costly for you to buy it abroad. The last thing you want is to have the spotlight on you while you struggle to contain your child’s temper tantrum. Your children will play with anything they see — sugar packets, napkins, cups. Besides, you will most probably buy more toys throughout the trip anyway.

Don’t Run out of Clothes

Pack extra clothes in your carry-on. Your baby might experience a massive diaper blowout in the air.

Place their daily clothes in a gallon of Ziploc bag, like shirt, pants, and socks. This will make it easy for you to pack and determine if the clothes you packed for them is enough. You can use this bag for dirty nappies or laundry afterward.

Even with the outfits that you have with you, expect that you will be doing laundry on your vacation. Children tend to be messy eaters, hyper balls of sweat and grime, and adventure seekers who might collect proof of their travels in mud and soil on their clothes. There’s no way to tell whether or not you will need another (or several) set of clean clothes.

For your sake, wear little to no jewellery and slide-on shoes. A Supermum doesn’t need a cape, but she sure does need comfortable but still stylish (you know, for the photos) clothing. Also, consider using a massive sack for your carry-on instead of a purse, a diaper bag and a bag for toys.

Being a Supermum is not impossible. All you have to do is prepare for both the best or worst family trip you expect to have.

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