Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding Wedding DisastersExperts like Terrica R. Skaggs, a wedding and event designer in Jekyll Island, Georgia says that “Perfect weddings only happen in movies and soap operas."  Real life wedding horror stories like pastors being late, guests throwing tantrums, equipment breaking, limos getting lost, and a lot more do happen. The simple solution for this is to be prepared enough to ensure that your supposedly happiest day would flow smoothly. Make sure to plan ahead of time.

It’s All About the Food

Guests normally expect that they are going to have full meals if you're holding a dinnertime cocktail. They are likely to complain if their foods are served later than expected. Ensure that they’ll be fed within three hours. Appetizers for the first few hours will do. Also, choose foods that are not going to trigger allergic reactions and unexpected visits to the loo.

Ensure Smooth Flow of Events Sans the Complaining Neighbors

If the location of your marriage is at a private residence, you must notify the neighbors in advance. Do this by sending minute gifts or you may actually invite them over for a drink. You wouldn’t want a police officer barging on your wedding night due to the neighbors’ complain about the noise, would you?

Equipment and Power Supply Maintenance

Always see to it that there will be enough power supply for your wedding. If you plan to have a slideshow, make sure that the technical the equipment is functional and compatible by having a test run before your actual wedding. More importantly, if you plan to hold your wedding in a far location, verify first when the hurricane season starts. If you have doubts, check if your venue has a full capacity generator.

Wedding preparations can be really stressful. To avoid many dilemmas, you may assign the bridesmaids some tasking on your wedding day. Lastly, choose only the best wedding rentals at St. Paul Minnesota so you would never ever have a wedding disaster.

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