What Not To Put on Your Kitchen Countertops?

What Not To Put on Your Kitchen Countertops?

Kitchen CountertopsThe kitchen countertop is a workspace, not a storage space.

People often treat their kitchen countertop as a huge extra space, where they can put many things.  In result, their kitchens are full of clutter. They cannot also maximize the countertop’s functionality because of unnecessary things on it. They have to clear the countertop first whenever they need it as a workspace.

For the benefit of everyone who commits this popular mistake, here are a few things that you should not put on your kitchen tops:

The Not-Sure-But-Just-In-Case Appliances

Leaving toasters, blenders, coffee makers and other small appliances in the countertops look convenient, but if you do not use them regularly, they are taking too much space. Experts advise people to just pick the necessary appliances and put the rest in the cupboards and shelves.

The Basket of Randomness

You will usually see junk mail, bills, souvenirs, and condiment packets and other random stuff in this particular basket. You leave them there because you do not want to get rid of them right away, thinking that you will read or use them in the future, but never do.

Oily Bottles

Oil bottles should be in the cupboard, not on the countertop. You always use oil when cooking, but it does not mean you should leave the bottles on the countertop. Residual oils can stain your countertop. According to Amsumash.com, oil spills, if not cleaned up immediately, can harm the quality of the stones used on your countertop.

You and Your Heavy Ass

Kitchen countertops that are made with granite or marble do not usually have a plywood backing. They can handle the weight of several pieces of food, but too much weight (from a number of people sitting or standing on it) can cause a crack. Again, the countertop is a workspace, not an extra bench.

Kitchen is the heart of every home. It is important that our kitchen is always neat, beautiful and functional. A clean and well-maintained kitchen countertop can help your kitchen maximize its functionality.  Thus, a clutter-free countertop is the key to a lovely kitchen.

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