White Label SEO: What is It Exactly and Why Should You Use It?

White Label SEO: What is It Exactly and Why Should You Use It?

SEO wooden blocks on top of keyboardWhite labelling involves removing a company's original logo and brand of services or products and selling these to another company, which will then put its own logo and brand on them. So what does this have to do with white label SEO?

Essentially, white label SEO involves two companies partnering together to provide various SEO services. This means that you could partner with a white label SEO company to provide SEO services for you that you could then sell to other people or companies.

How does white label SEO work?

When you partner up with a company that offers white label SEO, they will provide different SEO services in the form of a “white label report”, explains SEOServices.com.au. This report contains all the data about the job without the logo, name, or brand of the company who really made it. You could then send this report to your client with your brand on it.

In general, SEO white label companies offer the following services:

1. Organic SEO,

2. Keyword tracking,

3. Link building,

4. Content marketing,

5. Website design and optimisation,

6. Pay-per-Click or PPC marketing,

7. Social media management, and

8. Reputation management.

But how does it work exactly? First, you get a white label SEO company and discuss which services you would like to avail of; this is of course after speaking to your client about what they need. They will then set up a plan for your client’s SEO strategy and relay this only to you.

Your SEO partner would then do all the work you requested and send the end product to you for your client’s approval. If the client approves the work, you could then bill your client, including your mark-up. If everything else works out, your white label SEO partner will continue delivering their work and send you monthly reports.

The bottom line

Your white label SEO partner is responsible for doing SEO work that you could pass on to your clients. This basically means that you do not have to be an SEO expert to provide SEO services; you just need to look for a reputable company that could do all the work for you.

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